DOWNLOAD MP3: Cassidy – Bars Is Back



Although Cassidy’s underground title has been out of commission for some time, that doesn’t mean he isn’t a legend in his own right. Especially in Philadelphia, where his epic freestyle with Freeway is considered a touchstone moment for miles on end. Cassidy might have been awarded the W in their battle, but that didn’t deter the rap public from raising both their arms in a symbolic “split decision.”

On Cassidy latest rap stencil, appropriately titled “Bars Is Back,” takes up the ground he gave up when he debuted with E1 Records to mixed results (2010). Sampling what appears to be a relic from the Metal Gear Solid video game, “Bars Is Back” makes up for lost time with its loose narrative structure, akin to a plot synopsis. As you likely know, Cassidy is never one to stay on topic for longer than two bars at a time – but to his credit, that’s all the time he needs to articulate himself at max efficiency.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Cassidy – Bars Is Back

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