DOWNLOAD MP3: Eric Bellinger – Type A Way (Spanish Remix)



The basic tenets of “Type Of Way” stays intact in Eric Bellinger’s Spanish-language refix. Specially meant for the millions of Spanish speakers that live within a hop skip and a jump of Eric Bellinger’s home base of Los Angeles – the “Type Of Way” remix gives the guest of honor another warmup session before he darts on vacation in the Tropics.

The Spanish language isn’t the hardest thing in the world to decipher when it’s being read off a teleprompter. As easy as it is to dump on Chris Brown for all his personal shortcomings, short-circuiting the Spanish language isn’t part of his checkered past and present, as both he and Bellinger make a concerted effort out to nail their parts.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Eric Bellinger – Type A Way (Spanish Remix)

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