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Let’s start at the song’s end note, in order of merit. Kevin Abstract’s “Corpus Christi” comes to a close with an instrumental groove session coerced by a simple drum kick and a wah-wah synth line. Before it ever comes to that,  Kevin Abstract sings to his past, the difficulty he encountered in Texas as a youth – the Brockhampton songwriter has consecrated these past issues pertinent in recent studio sessions, culminating in overlapping ARIZONA Baby and Ghettobaby projects, the latter looming large as the outer piece to a budding matryoshka doll.

A good portion of Kev’s recent output addresses these past issues in at a summative glance. Unfortunately, that’s also where Abstract reaches his a creative impasse. After digging deep to create “Georgia” along more profound lines, “Corpus Chrisi” suffers from a mild case of “oversharing” to put it kindly. Had the subject of oppression been handled with the same level specificity as the previous number, we might not be having this conversation.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Kevin Abstract – Corpus Christi zippyshare

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