DOWNLOAD MP3: Lil Tjay Ft. Jay Critch – Ruthless



Lil Tjay has been earmarked for superstardom by more than a few pundits in positions of authority. By the looks of it, Tjay is in a good position to make good on that promise, even though “superstardom” is by an large a boom or bust kind of proposition. On his latest single “Ruthless” welcomes New York’s Jay Critch into the fold, as a compliment to his sweet tooth style.

After witnessing Lil Tjay vanquish his personal convictions in a leadoff position, Critch arrives on the scene rapping about riding around in “stolies” because he grew up wrong-ish. Jay Critch’s insinuations are incited by the “stolen car” anecdote Tjay offers up in the top half. “I been goin’ hard, remember used to starve,” Tjay raps over a candy-coated autotune effect. “I been sellin’ nicks right on the boulevard, goin’ downtown try to steal a n—a car.” Now’s about the time Tjay tests his resolves without the crutch of an autotune plug-in. He’s come this far.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Lil Tjay Ft. Jay Critch – Ruthless

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